Do you ever wake up and think I want a FREE treat today?

Well, good news this week McDonald's is giving away a FREE McFlurry. Today, May 4th, 2021, McDonald's is giving away a FREE McFlurry, via the app.

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McDonald's has a new McFlurry, the Caramel Brownie McFlurry that was added on May 3rd, according to

Not only is McDonald's celebrating the Caramel Brownie McFlurry, which by the way is really good, I tried it over the weekend, but they are apologizing for the spoon's confusing design that's half spoon and half straw. The straw is open at the top and square but does not allow us to sip through it. Kind of weird, I guess. I never thought about it. So, for the confusion they're giving away a FREE McFlurry.

Download the McDonald's app on your iPhone or Android for your free McFlurry. There is a coupon for one per person on the app.

McDonald's wrote in a recent statement:

"While we can't change the iconic hollow spoon (a key piece of the mixing process), we can help ease the sting of your facepalm upon figuring out how to use it."

Did you know the McFlurry spoon was invented by a McDonald's employee at one of their Flurry Internationals, in 1995? Since then McDonald's says it been a part of the iconic dessert's experience.

Customers can also try the frozen treat from home, as it will be free for delivery from May 3-9, with a $15 purchase on Uber Eats.

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