Instead of “Why did the chicken cross the road?” I’m going to ask, “Why did the big geese lead their brood of little baby goslings onto a busy Turnpike?  I witnessed something over the weekend that made me feel scared and helpless.  And confused.  I didn’t know if there was anything I could have or should have done.  Here’s what happened:
I had just gone through the toll booth and was entering the ramp for Pennsylvania Turnpike West.  Suddenly the car in front of me stopped.  Looking ahead, I noticed the family of geese.  One big one at the head of the line and another big on in the back.  In between them it looked like 10 tiny balls of yellow feathers, with feet.  I slowed down like the car in front of me did.  I held my breath, hoping the driver behind me would not smash into me and start a chain reaction.

There was some horn honking but thankfully, no crashes in the short time I was in the goose crossing zone.  What concerned me though was that these sweet creatures were heading in the wrong direction.  They had been off to the side of the highway and then started travelling towards the busy road.  I don’t know how they could have or would have survived with cars whizzing by as fast as they were.

What should a driver do when witnessing wildlife heading for danger.  Should I have called 911?  Have you ever seen geese crossing a busy line of traffic?