Unfortunately, when most people not from New Jersey, think of New Jersey, they think of the turnpike up by Newark Liberty Airport. This is not farm country lol far from it and sad that's usually the vision folks from other parts of the country have in their mind of the Garden State.


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Yes, our nickname is the Garden State and we do have farms in Jersey. We are not one of the states with the most farmland, but we are not last. New Jersey ranks 40th in the nation according to beef2live.comThe state with the most farms in the United States is Texas and the state with the least is Alaska.



According to NJ.COM our largest crop in Jersey is blueberries,m followed by tomatoes and apples. New Jersey ranks sixth nationally in blueberry production.



Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels



According to Google, "Hunterdon County is the leader in the number of farms preserved with 417 followed by Salem County at 326 and Warren County at 272. Burlington County has the most municipalities with preserved land at 21, followed by Warren County with 19 and Hunterdon County with 17."

Honestly, you don't have to travel far to see some great farms from here at the Shore. Burlington County as mentioned has the most towns with preserved land. Take a drive out in Burlington and eventually, you will find the farms.

If you had to pick your favorite Jersey crop what would it be? Blueberries, Tomatoes, or Apples? I think I'd go with the Jersey Tomato, but very close behind would be blueberries.




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