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It seems that in today’s world health is a big topic, especially with the Coronavirus Pandemic causing some much trouble and now fall flu season is right around the corner.....or as it’s being dubbed “twindemic” the combination of Covid 19 and flu season.

One thing to add to the mix is allergies and whether or not a device known as the “Neti Pot” helps you or not.

If you do not know what a Neti Pot is, it looks similar to a little tea pot. The Neti Pot flushes our mucus from your nose. You use a saline solution which helps. People have been using this device for years to clear their nasal passages.

I have felt like allergies are bothering me or maybe it’s just being smothered by wearing a mask everyday......regardless I need to take care of this, so I’m going to use the old fashioned Neti Pot and not do allergy medicines. I feel like even the non-drowsy allergy medication makes me sleepy so I need a different plan.

To use the Neti Pot you simply put the spout in one nostril pouring the saline solution in your nose and through your nasal cavity and out the other nostril. According to a Healthline  article, in a 2009 study saline solution may:

  • Help to cleanse your nasal cavity
  • Help improve the ability of your respiratory system to self-cleanse
  • Remove any elements that could cause inflammation
Shawn Michaels

So I’m gonna try this therapy for a week and Friday I’ll let you know if it’s helping. What do you think of the Neti Pot? are you a fan?

Whenever considering any health related remedies, always consult your physician first.

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