Valentine's Day is on Saturday February 14th, 2015 and I know you always wanted to know what your Cupid Name is!  Let's find out!

Here's how you play, I found this on Facebook...

Townsqare Media
Townsqare Media

Your First Letter of Your First Name:

A - Frilly

B - Flashy

C - Sassy

D - Mooshy

E - Flirty

F - Flirty

G - Dreamy

H - Classy

I - Wild

J - Sappy

K - Sexy

L - Feisty

M - Shy

N - Mischievous

O - Crazy

P - Bubbly

R - Naught

S - Steamy

T - Bashful

U - Confused

V - Rowdy

W - Starry-Eyed

X - Wacky

Y - Romantic

Z - Happy

Then The Month You Were Born:

January - Chunky-Monkey

February - Sweet-Buns

March - Sugar-Lips

April - Love-Bug

May - Cutesy-Pie

June - Pants-On-Fire

July - Hearth-Throb

August - Winky-Poo

September - Love-Machine

October - Eye-Candy

November - Hot-Stuff

December - Heart-Breaker

So, it's your letter of your first name and the month you were born and put them together and there is your Cupid Name!

Mine is "Steamy Love-Machine"!  LOVE IT!

What's your Cupid Name?



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