I know the building is all white now and it looks great, but how long are we going to have to wait for it to open?

I've heard so many rumors. I've seen a couple of Facebook discussions about it. The Lampost Inn closed about a year ago. There has been some work on the building with the building now being all white along Rt. 9 in Pine Beach. The Lampost was a fun spot, I had several friends in bands play there, it was a surprise to many when it closed down a year ago. I believe from when I was speaking to someone that because of Covid-19 it halted some of the work inside and outside of the building. But, now it looks complete. Since then, we've been waiting, patiently.

The rumors I've heard, a Jewish Deli or a Steak House. I know in this area we need a nice steak house, "please". A great place with great food in that area of Pine Beach, Beachwood, and the Bayville area.

Reaching out to find out more information, I'm not getting any answers, I'd love to know if you know any information. Email me at sue.moll@townsquaremedia.com.

So many of neighbors and friends have wanted to see some great things come into this building, I sure hope something good will be there.

Shelly in Beachwood wants an Outback Steak House

Thomas in Pine Beach wants a seafood restaurant.

Sally from Bayville and Stan from Lanoka Harbor both want something like the Ground Round. (Remember the peanuts?)

What would you like to see at the old Lampost Inn in Pine Beach?

Sue Moll
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