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Let me first start by saying that lately when we post about area businesses and what they might become or what their fate is, some say if you don't have the answer why do you write about it? Well, we do for the simple reason that our Jersey Shore residents are very smart and often have answers to these questions that we don't. Like they say "the best consumer is an informed consumer". So why not ask questions, get info, and then be that much better for knowing? We enjoy having a positive and enlightening conversation with our listeners and getting their information and insights. Sometimes the answer is fast and simple, sometimes we are all left wondering, whatever the case we hope people will gain from our conversation and hopefully maybe answer a question they are asking themselves.

That being said, my latest question involves this location on the corner of Fischer Blvd and Route 37 in Toms River. Is it being renovated and re-opening? Is it now empty or is there a plan for its future?

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

So we once again open our discussion for you to maybe shed some light on what is the future for this Toms River location? As always we appreciate your input and we will continue to bring in conversation about our neighborhoods and towns here at the Jersey Shore with 92.7 WOBM

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