OK Lacey Township What Do You Think?
I do enjoy when we get feedback and response from you and you ask questions based on a story or article we are talking about. In this case, it was in regards to the new Starbucks being built in Toms River.
Most Popular Brands in Ocean County?
So I was thinking this week about the most popular businesses (brands) in Ocean County. What do I mean by popular? I’m talking what are the most “seen” businesses…..those businesses we have in every town here in Ocean County.
Iconic Manasquan Inlet Favorite On Market For Big Bucks
It's not just the picturesque views of the Manasquan River and Manasquan Inlet or the food or fare that make this establishment so special. It's the memories. Countless families have swung through after a day at Manasquan Beach or Seawatch Beach. Countless employees have spent their summe…
Same Old Song and Dance Toms River?
This location, Route 37 East in Toms River, is the former 7-11 location on the way to Seaside Heights. This 7-11 was fairly new and if my memory serves me correct, is this on the site of the old Stewarts on Route 37? Regardless this location is almost new so it’s in good shape, but like a lot…
What’s a Good Fit For Bayville?
This usually will get a fair share of negative feelings, but it’s our neighborhoods and we wanna look at what’s going on. This article deals with the empty spaces in Ocean County strip malls......or as many of our listeners call them “eyesores”.
What's The Future of This Toms River Business?
Like they say "the best consumer is an informed consumer". So why not ask questions, get info and then be that much better for knowing? We enjoy having a positive and enlightening conversation with our listeners and getting their information and insights.

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