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What would YOU get Governor Murphy  for Christmas? Now you might think this blog is the perfect set-up for everyone to unload on New Jersey  Governor Phil Murphy, and it may be the path you take, but it’s also a way to get creative and see what ideas you might come up with for funny and/or serious gift ideas.....with a Jersey Shore twist.

So ”own” your ideas, but I thought I’d share a few ideas that I came up with.

  • Pizza 🍕:  Send the Governor a pizza to remind him about the restaurant industry and to keep these businesses in mind as we move forward during the Coronavirus Pandemic.
  • Jersey Strong T-Shirt: This would remind the Governor of small businesses and their need to re-open or stay open.
  • Giants jersey: Let’s face it, he has to be a Giants fan. Lol
  • My car insurance statement: Nuff’ Said lol .... jus kidding that's not his fault

So take a moment for think of what YOU would send to Governor Phil Murphy for Christmas and why? Be creative and let’s come up with some good ideas. Sue and I will select a few of the best gift ideas and share them on-air with listeners.

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