Kevin Williams' retirement "announcement"
File Photo from 10 years ago.
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I think we all wish that we would write the script for how our careers end.  I’m sure most of us would like to walk out of the office on our final day with all our personal effects from pictures to plants and much more.  Maybe you would like a lunch or dinner to salute your achievements and at the end be presented with a gold watch…a Rolex would be nice.

Of course you are more likely to think about this when the end of your career is in site as opposed to 20+ years away.  For some the “R” word is one that is welcome and they are counting the number of days until they walk out for the final time.  For others it’s one they dread, especially if they don’t have much of a say in their career coming to an end.  They might feel the need to do something else either for financial reasons or they can’t see themselves sitting at home.  They don’t play golf or work in the garden, have no interest in taking up another hobby and the grandkids are far away.

I certainly realize that retirement is approaching for me and for the first time I have to face that reality.  At the very least I have to script my ending which should be somewhere between a pat on the back and the coronation of King Charles. I would like a “roast” that is open to the public but limited to 400 people as I don’t want it to get out of hand. Nice gifts including a spectacular vacation for my wife Jane and I, a declaration from several towns declaring it “Kevin Williams Day” and cash from a 50/50.  Is that too much to ask?

Somebody get working on that.

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