What's the last topic you would be willing to discuss with someone you just met? The most popular answer among Americans may surprise you.

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About 85 percent of people surveyed admitted they would be somewhat unlikely or very unlikely to talk about credit card debt. Their apprehension with debt topped other sensitive issues like weight, salary, and love life details - even religion and politics.

In the CreditCards.com survey, about 12 percent of respondents claimed they'd be likely to mention the amount they owe, and that's not surprising to Rider University finance expert Maury Randall.

"Credit card debt, at least in certain situations, may have a certain stigma associated," said Randall. "If somebody doesn't have a good reason for having a massive amount of credit card debt, they may feel that other people will look down upon them."

Randall said debt, to some people, can represent a lack of self control. He noted, though, plenty of people have perfectly sound reasons for being so behind on payments. Credit card debt doesn't necessarily mean someone is buying a new pair of shoes every day; it could reflect out-of-the-blue car repairs or a family emergency.

"If somebody's going to be talking about their own financial situations, you should be careful about who you're talking to anyway," Randall added. "I'm not sure one should be all that free about discussing one's finances."

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