Long Branch Police want residents to know that they're not calling them to discuss an investigation with the social security administration.

A woman told police she received a call from a man who said they were with the department and that someone used her SS number to rack up $1.6-billion in debt in her name.

She had received a call that showed up on the caller ID as Long Branch Police Department (732-222-1000).

The male caller claimed to be a member of the LBPD and told her he was conducting an investigation with the Social Security Administration.

The caller began demanding her personal information including her social security number, and information for all of her checking, saving, credit and gift card accounts.

When the victim was reluctant to give out her information, he threatened her with an arrest.

The victim did not provide personal/account information and immediately responded to the real police headquarters to make a report.

Long Branch Police confirmed that the caller utilized technology to make the call appear as if it was coming from the Long Branch Police Department.

They urge you to never provide personal information over the phone and that you will not be asked for any personal account information from any Long Branch Police officer or Social Security Administration representative via phone.

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