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We are in the dog days of summer as we get set to enter August. The heat is on and nothing tastes better this time of year than a good old fashioned ice cream float.

Basic floats are a combination of soda and ice cream. The question I have for listeners is what makes for the best “float” ?

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Some like root beer, some like coke but there are many interesting ways to make an ice cream float. Some I have never had and look very intriguing. An example is a pink lemonade float. It’s made with sparkling pink lemonade and lemon sorbet. Sounds like a refreshing drink on a hot summer day. How about an apple pie float? It’s ginger ale, apple cider and vanilla ice cream.....wow a new take on an American classic. Another new idea to me is a lime sherbet float. Simple to make mix lime sherbet with sprite. These and other intriguing ice cream float recipes can be found in a Brit-co  article.

For me it’s the good old fashioned root beer float. Root beer and vanilla ice cream to me is the best way to enjoy an ice cream float, in fact all this writing has me wanting one right now lol.

What’s your favorite kinda float? Where do you like to go for your floats?

Share a recipe if you have one you enjoy, place your recipe in the comments section below.


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