There are so many different kinds of sunglasses out there these days. And you can spend anywhere from $5 to over $500. So when it comes to summer shades, what direction do you go in?

I admit that I have picky taste in sunglasses. I've gotten plenty of $12 pairs of shades from mall kiosks over the years, but I've always had the experience that they don't hold up well, they scratch, bend, and break easily.

When Oakley came out with their Major League Baseball Collection a couple of years ago, I asked for the Brewers pair for my birthday.

While they're not particularly cheap by any means, I do feel like you get what you pay for. My Oakleys have held up beautifully over the years, it's easy to change the look of them with different lenses, frames, and accessories, and the visual quality is great.

On the other hand, some people swear by the $12 mall kiosk sunglasses.

So which way do you go when it comes to sunglasses? Tell us in the comments!

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