If you use Twitter, you may have noticed a new function has been rolled out: Twitter Spaces.

The new feature has quickly gained popularity among users, as well as garnered comparisons to the exclusive invite-only audio app, Clubhouse.

Twitter Spaces is currently in the early launch phase, and Twitter plans to expand its features and updates in the future.

Below, find out everything we know about Twitter Spaces, including how to use the feature.

What Are Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces allows Twitter users to have live audio conversations with one another. They are public and can be accessed by any user. They appear at the top of your timeline, next to Fleets.

How Do You Use Twitter Spaces?

You can access Twitter Spaces by clicking on a specific Space listed at the top of your timeline. Twitter users can also copy a Space's unique link to share with other users who want to join in on the conversation.

Who Can Use Twitter Spaces?

Any Twitter user on iOS and Android and join in and listen to a Space. For now, only a small portion of Twitter users on iOS are able to create and host a Space. Twitter has not announced if or when Android users or the public at large will have access to create their own Spaces.

The new development has quickly caught on with celebrities. Some of the first celebrity Twitter Spaces users include Nick Jonas, 5 Seconds of Summer, Finneas and NCT.

How Do You Set Up a Twitter Space?

Only a limited number of iOS users currently have access to create a Twitter Space. As a host, you can create a Twitter Space two ways: 1. by pressing your profile image in Fleets and swiping to the far right and pressing Spaces, or 2. by pressing and holding the compose button on your home feed and selecting the Space icon, which appear as numerous circles that overlap to form a diamond.

After launching your Space, you will need to allow microphone access. As host, you can name the Space, as well as add a description and turn on captions.

How Many Users Can Be in Any Given Twitter Space?

Up to eleven people can speak at the same time in a Space. The Space's host is in control of who can speak at any given time via invite from the host or at request of the listener. Listeners can request to speak by pressing the "request" icon that sits below the microphone.

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