There are very few things that people from New Jersey hold dear.

We love the beach, pork roll, Danny DeVito, and of course Wawa.

We really love Wawa and base our survival on it.

Need gas? Go to Wawa.

Need air in your tires? Go to Wawa.

Need some caffeine? Go to Wawa.

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Need milk? Go to Wawa.

Hungry? Go to Wawa.

You get the point...

Many of us start and end our day at Wawa.

There are certain things about Wawa that make it different from other gas stations and convenience stores. Some people from other parts of the country think that the idea of buying food at a gas station is weird, but we know better.

Fun fact, while Pennsylvania likes to claim Wawa as theirs, the founder was from New Jersey.

New Jersey > Pennsylvania

Is it ok to go into Wawa while getting gas?

Now before you scroll on and a few of you get all up in arms by one of the 7 things I mention below, I need to defend myself preemptively.


Before you hop on Facebook to tell me that I am wrong, back in 2019 I Tweeted Wawa asking their thoughts on running into the store while getting gas.


Someone on the social media platform previously called Twitter responded to my Tweet saying "Affirmative."

What was Wawa's response?

Well, Wawa didn't say anything, but they did "like" both my original Tweet and the response of "Affirmative" that I received.


If that's not proof that Wawa, in fact, approves of such behavior, I don't know what is.

Now that we got that out of the way, hopefully, everything else here doesn't incite a social media war.

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