Are you looking for the perfect Christmas Cookie? This can be a labor of love at this time of year as folks look for the best sweet treats and the perfect snack for "Santa".


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I came across an article from NJ Digest that highlighted a unique bakery here in New Jersey. The Secret Ghost Bakehouse is this bakery and it brings a unique taste and experience to the consumer of course Santa always appreciates a delicious cookie at Christmas time.



Christmas Cookies Casey Chae


According to NJ Digest, "Secret Ghost Bakehouse is a fully-licensed home bakery and delivery service based out of Union, NJ. The Secret Ghost team consists of veteran baker and cook, Brandon Ribeiro and wife, Danielle Fee. Ribeiro handles the day-to-day baking, while Fee runs social media, packing, design and more."


Secret Ghost Bakehouse via Instagram      


Let's look at their "Santa Trash Cookie" (Pictured Above). It's a simple cookie but very intriguing. According to their website, the ingredients are "Cadbury Milk Chocolate Candy & Potato Chips, rolled in Holiday Rice Krispies." They have other delicious treats that have gained them a firm following.


Secret Ghost Bakehouse via Instagram


I love Christmas cookies and it's one of my very favorite desserts at the holidays. Nothing goes better with a good Christmas movie than a great cup of coffee and a delicious Christmas cookie.


Christmas Cookies Yulian Karadzhov


So now you know about Secret Ghost Bakehouse. A unique approach to modern-day baking. No matter where you go for your Christmas cookies, maybe it's right in your kitchen, enjoy your holidays and those cookies! Merry Christmas.


Christmas Yulian Karadzhov


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