This week is the season opener for the Lakewood BlueClaws - go BlueClaws! We love the Lakewood BlueClaws and we doubly love Buster. But, what the heck is Buster? That crazy, yellow, soft and cuddly looking guy with a patch of green hair. We asked listeners and got some really crazy, awesome answers from Facebook:

Virginia and Diane think Buster is a crab.

Maureen thinks Buster is a guy that ate too much pork roll, egg, and cheese.

Rachellynn thinks Buster is a dust bunny.

Kayla thinks Buster is a dinosaur.

Abby thinks Buster is a bird.

See all great answers and so many more. What is Buster? Well for those who guessed a "crab" you are 100% correct! Who knew? CLICK HERE to read all about Buster!

Other than being crab here are some Buster facts from the Lakewood BlueClaws/Buster webpage:

Name: Buster
Height: 6'2"
Weight: Classified Information
Color: Yellow
Texture: Downy Soft

Hobbies: Sand, Sun and Serious Fun
Food: Anything but Shellfish
Position: All
Bats/Throws: Yes/Yes
Resides: FirstEnergy Park, Lakewood, NJ
How Obtained: Undrafted Free Agent, 2001

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