One of the things I really try and stay away from these days is any discussion that involves politics because we are so divided that basically no matter what your opinions are they are sure to offend others.  For the most part on just about every issue there are two schools of thought and the only thing you can count on is those that disagree with you will take exception to how you feel…even if you defend it with reason and facts.  What ever happened to thoughtful debate?  That has gone out the window and to me it’s one of the saddest parts about the times we are living in.  Remember when we used to end a conversation by saying “so we agree to disagree” and left with smiles on our faces.  That rarely happens anymore as healthy debate has been replaced by name calling, personal attacks and more.  How truly sad.

My long personal “bucket list” includes attending The Masters at Augusta National.  One of the reasons why is I truly want to witness first hand whether birds really do chirp as often as you hear when watching golf’s premier event on CBS.  The subject has been a source of some controversy over the years and the network insists they do not use prerecorded sounds of bird chirping.  Experts say that the birds you hear most often are cardinals and those that are native to central Georgia at this time of year so at worst CBS might be guilty of some audio enhancement.  I still would like to hear for myself one day.

The shore area is home to some of the best girls basketball talent you will find so you would think that would be a boost to the women’s program at Monmouth University.  It has not and the Hawks have fallen on hard times which bottomed out this past season when they went 2-16 and parted company with head coach Jody Craig.  Thursday Monmouth introduced Ginny Boggess as the 9th coach in program history and they might have gotten his one right.  Boggess comes to the Jersey Shore after two years as the top assistant and recruiting coordinator at Penn State and during a virtual press conference made it a priority to recruit the best players in the shore and all of New Jersey.  The Hawks have not had a winning season since 2011-12.

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