It is something that is all to common these days not only here in Ocean County, but around New Jersey and the nation. The abandoned gas station is something I’ve discussed before. These vacant stations are something we need to find other uses for and not just leave them to rot. I know it’s easier said than done, but now is the time to start the conversation as we continue to see more and more abandoned gas stations popping up throughout the area.

The photo (above) is one on Brick Blvd in Brick Township. It's probably been this way for a while, but one that has recently caught my eye. Most of these sit idle because the tanks that are needed to be removed are expensive to do so, so they just get left behind. I think we need to repurpose these spots, but to what?

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I found an interesting article from the United States Environmental Protection Agency and it discusses ways to reuse and clean up these abandoned sites.

The data talks about using these former gas station sites for new housing, new businesses, and new parks. How do you feel about this?

What do you think we can put in to replace abandoned gas stations here in Ocean County? Just the idea of cleaning up these locations is a step in the right direction, we just have to find the money to do it.

Share your ideas and we’ll discuss Monday morning with Shawn & Sue.

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