This past weekend I went into New York for a birthday celebration and ended up at the City's "Beetle House" restaurant, which got me to thinking about themed restaurants in general.

Beetle House bills itself as a Tim Burton themed restaurant, with the decor and menu pulling inspiration from some of Burton's best known work, like "Beetlejuice", "The Nightmare Before Christmas", and "Edward Scissorhands" (there is an "Edward Burgerhands" on the menu, but I was a little perplexed that they skipped the obvious meat pie to go along with a "Sweeney Todd" tie-in).

It was fun and quirky, but not quite as intense as some NYC restaurants like The Jekyll & Hyde Club and Times Square's 1950s themed Stardust Diner get, with costumed waitstaff and entertainment while you eat.

Of course, right here in Ocean County we have the famous Music Man in Lavallette, which draws some of its summer talent from world class professional musicians and performers.

As someone who grew up in Middlesex County, I also think of Menlo Park Mall's Rainforest Cafe, which doesn't have performing waitstaff, but you have to give them credit for theming the place quite literally to the rafters!

So what are some of your favorite themed restaurants? Do you think we need more here at the shore? Weigh in on the comments section and let us know where you like to have an entertainment experience while you eat!


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