Someone just paid a lot of money for a lock of hair.  According to the Associated Press, some strands of General Custer's hair was sold at auction for $12,500.  That's 6 times the pre-auction value!  So I have a question:   "Why???"

I'm not really a collector of anything so I guess I can't really understand a collector's mindset.  I imagine if you're into war memorabilia, that hair would be a good get.  Seriously, the seller made out like a bandit!  That's a great return on investment!

Do YOU collect any types of memorabilia?  What's the most you've ever paid or sold a piece for?

As I'm re-reading this I realize I USED to be a collector something: things related to koalas, the Australian marsupial I adore.  But it was never to turn a profit.

I'm interested in knowing what YOU collect and whether you do it for pleasure or as an investment.  Please comment below.


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