After I paid for my stuff at Wawa this morning I started questioning myself.  I almost always pay with credit card or a $5 or $10 bill but never with exact change.  The reason?  I don't want to hold up the line so I pay quickly and get out of the way as soon as possible.  What's wrong with this is that my wallet is bulky and heavy from all the coins I'm collecting and carrying around.  I would love to unload them and get them into a local cash register but I feel a strange pressure to be expedient at the checkout counter.

I started to think about this from a cashier's perspective.  When people constantly pay in bills, doesn't that strip their cash drawer of singles and coins?  Is it annoying when cashiers have to do all the change counting?  Would they prefer customers hand over the correct number of coins or does it take too much time?  Because money drawers are organized by coin type, it's probably quicker and easier for most cashiers to count the change than for customers to find and count it in their wallets.

Customers: Do you try to pay with exact change?  Or do you usually fork over a bill?

Cashiers: What's your take on all of this?


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