I admit I used to think it was odd that some males wear shorts all year round.  As someone who gets cold easily, I've always dressed with the weather in mind.  To me, that means I wear pants, and often a base layer underneath, when it's cool or cold out.

So naturally, when it's NOT summer and I see a guy wearing shorts, he looks a bit out of sorts to me.

But over the years I've met more and more males exposing their legs no matter what the temperature.  And it seems they just don't feel the cold like many of us do. Apparently there aren't as many nerve endings in our legs as other parts of our bodies.

The other reason they give for wearing shorts is that they're just more comfortable. Jeans are made of stiff cotton and can be restrictive.  Some guys feel they can tough it out for the 30 seconds it's going to talk to walk in the cold from the car to their indoor destination.  They'd rather be comfortable the whole rest of the day than dress for the few minutes they may be exposed to the elements.

Are you a guy who wears shorts throughout the year?  Ladies, do any of the men in your life do this?


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