As we "enjoy" this first day of spring 2018, and I put "enjoy" in quotes for a reason, we're looking at a snow covered Ocean County with more to come.

In fact, we could very well end up breaking records.

As I write this just after 6pm, the forecast is still a bit of a tough call, with WOBM meteorologist Dan Zarrow weighing in only moments ago with his latest forecast, which you can check out by clicking here.

Depending on where you are though, we could get awfully close to March snowfall records.

The National Weather Service has data going back well over 80 years, with snowfall records at Newark Airport for every day of March.

The most March snowfall (so far at least) was 12.7" on March 19, 1956.

Close behind that was March 3, 1960, which saw 12.5".

If the forecast holds for tomorrow, it looks like a pretty sure bet that we'll set a new March 21st record. Up until now, 5.3" was the record set exactly 60 years ago, in 1958 at Newark Airport.

So this could very well be one for the record books as we brace for the first full day of spring feeling more like the middle of winter!

You can of course get the very latest forecast information, school closings, traffic and more at, on the free WOBM app, and as always, on the air!


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