One thing that is a must for me each day is my coffee. For me, I brew my coffee mainly at home and I start the day with my own brewed coffee in my fun new camera lens reusable cup, which is perfect for a cup for the road to our studios in Toms River.


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Coffee Mug
Shawn Michaels



So that being said, much like a lot of New Jersey residents I love coffee. For many Wawa may be a "go-to" for you for your coffee and I also enjoy Wawa coffee when I grab a cup on the road. Recently I went to Wawa and was surprised to see they have a new coffee out in time for winter. The recent "Holiday Blend" has been put away til next season and now there is a new blend you can try out. I think it was last winter that Wawa debuted their Peanut Butter Fudge blend, but this year it is something completely different.


Wawa Coffee
Erin Collins


The new blend is called "Caramel Cream". It is out now and is a limited-edition blend that you can sample. It's described as "caramelized sugar, rich salted butter & warm fragrant vanilla". I taste the vanilla and a touch of "saltyness" not so much the caramel. I do like it. I am not a huge "flavored" coffee drinker but on occasion, I enjoy switching it up, so next time you visit your neighborhood Wawa here in New Jersey maybe try out the new "Caramel Cream" blend and see what you think.



Shawn Michaels



Have you tried the new Caramel Cream coffee blend? Give us your review and post your comments below and enjoy your coffee.


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