On this Friday afternoon, there are a couple of driving related things I wanted to mention in today's post.

First, it's National Teen Driver Safety Week.   I salute all of you parents who teach your kids how to drive and then give them the keys.  You probably have had some anxious moments, waiting for them to return safely at night.  Now with cell phone addiction such a problem, it's so important to make sure teens know how to drive safely.  If you want to use this Safety Week as an opportunity to talk to your young driver, you can find some helpful tips at this website.

Second, have you noticed a lot more deer around lately?  I know it's their mating season and this is usually the time of year we see them.  But compared to previous years, I'm seeing more than I ever remember.   In recent weeks they've been on my front lawn, in my back yard, and I've had 2 deer dart out into the road in front of me.  It's scary!  Here are some good tips to avoid a collision with a deer.

I hope you have a safe weekend on the roads of Ocean County.




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