Uh oh, another scam to watch out for, when will this stop?

This one comes from the Barnegat police department.

The police warn that if you get a call from the police department think twice before giving out any information.

What's the latest southern ocean county scam?

The scammers are somehow getting the Barnegat's Police Departments phone number and try to steal your information, police are warning, according to patch.com.

What's the phone number you are looking for on your phone?


They warn please do not give out your full name, date of birth, bank account information or social security. I know it sounds so simple but we're all guilty of sometimes giving out information but I think we're more aware these days.

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It's just so sad and usually when we write these scams they're geared towards senior citizens, this one seems to be all ages.

ronstik, getty images
ronstik, getty images

There are several times I get calls from the police for donations but they will never come directly from the department's main phone. This number 609-698-5000 is only used for incoming calls.

If a call has come in from that main number, it's not the Barnegat Police Department calling you, according to the police and patch.com.

What should you do if you feel someone has reached out posing as an officer?

Ask for the officer's name and then hang up and call dispatch. A Barnegat communications officer will reconnect you to assure you're speaking with a real, actual officer.


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