I can't say praise our police enough. They know that every day they will be protecting and serving our community in some capacity. Often they are putting their lives on the line, and I thank them for that. Other times they come to assist ordinary people in sticky situations.

4-year-old Nina Saleh of Paterson is glued to her baby stroller. It's her favorite toy. However, things got interesting on Tuesday when Nina managed to wedge herself in the stroller and get stuck.

The little girl's mother told ABC7 that she tried for 20 minutes to free her daughter with no luck. Finally, she made the decision to call the Paterson Police Department for a hand.

Bolt cutters came to mind, but that idea was thrown out quickly as the girl didn't like the looks of them. I mean can you blame her? She's four and the cutters can be intimidating.

Shout out to Officer Ben Fox for his thinking. He told ABC7 that he felt it was important to keep the child as calm as possible to make the escape easier and also so she didn't become afraid of the police for the rest of her life due to the experience.

As you'll see, it was as simple as snapping a latch, and presto, Nina was free!

But, hold on, the best part of this story is yet to come. The four-year-old's favorite toy stroller was destroyed as police got her unwedged and that made little Nina upset. So, another Officer, Robert Sobocinski, bought her a new stroller on his lunch break with money out of his own pocket.

A happy ending made even happier by the brave in blue.



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