There are heroes here at the Jersey Shore, many of which wear blue.  Like many, I'm so thankful they're here to serve and protect.  This Saturday night one of these heroes saved a man that was trapped inside a burning car and it was caught on dashcam  Here's what happened:

Officer Nicholas Volpe (Credit Howell Township Police Department Facebook)
The hero!  Officer Nicholas Volpe (Credit Howell Township Police Department Facebook)

According to the Howell Township Police Department, Officer Nicholas Volpe was doing a regular patrol.  He was on Manassa Road and he identified a crash and vehicle fire.  He raced to the car, determined the driver was stuck and could not exit the burning vehicle.  Unfortunately, the accident had crushed the door closed.  The officer realized the driver was alive and directed him to use the window to exit.  There was damage inside the car that prevented the man from doing so and the officer reached in and pulled the driver out.  He escorted the Howell resident back to the patrol car and safety.  The department reports, "the vehicle was quickly consumed in flames shortly thereafter."  Thank goodness for Officer Volpe.

“This incident once again highlights the bravery of police officers every day across this Country. The quick and decisive actions of Officer Volpe undoubtedly saved this man’s life. He is a prime example of a true hero. I’m certainly proud of him”. -Chief Kudrick


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