We've made it to the TOP 5, vote for your favorite.

Oh man, to me there is nothing better than a Friday night at a local football game listening to the marching band in their seats playing their hearts out. I love sitting right next to them in the bleachers. That is the BEST school spirit!

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Ingram Publishing, Getty Stock ThinkStock

I tried to play several instruments as a youth - the clarinet, flute, and drums. I just couldn't do it. Looking back now, I guess I didn't give it enough time to learn. The marching band always had a little club and I think I secretly always wanted to be a part of it. That's why I would sit next to them in the bleachers. I wanted to be a part of their passion and school spirit.


We have the "best" marching bands in Ocean County. I love a good competition. Every year I look forward to this "friendly" competition. It's time to vote for the BEST Marching Band in Ocean County. Soon, we'll narrow down this complete list of schools to the TOP 5 and we'll have a final round of voting. Cast your vote now to determine which bands will advance.

School spirit flies high in Ocean County. Last year's winner was Toms River High School South. Will they win two years in a row? VOTE NOW for your favorite of these top 10. South is the best with VOTES!

We have a lot of votes right now, with Central Regional winning. Can Toms River South catch up? It is incredibly awesome to see Central leading. Come on, get the entire school to vote. Share this everywhere. Who will win? Will a Toms River school pull to the top?

VOTE NOW, one of the top 5 schools will WIN!

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