Vita is hoping she'll find her forever home.

Popcorn Park Zoo

All Vita wants to do is hug you, lean on you, wiggle her entire back end when she sees you, and be your instant BFF. Vita is just 7 years old and she was turned in by her family, after living her entire life in a home, for the same old reason: they were moving and couldn't take her along. They also turned in two cats with Vita and though Vita lived with cats, she tends to be a bit of a cat-chaser, so she would needs lots of supervision to live with one in the future. She's pretty OK with larger dogs, and she absolutely, positively LOVES people! Besides all that, she's housebroken, perfectly behaved, playful, spunky and sweet. What more do you need?

To meet Vita, call 609-693-1900 or email: for an appointment.

Check out Vita's video:

Popcorn Park Zoo
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