A warning right off the bat - especially if you're an animal lover, this is a graphic video, so keep that in mind before you read further and consider whether you want to click play or not.

It's been a really active couple of weeks for sea creatures in the New Jersey waters.

From whales to sharks, there have been a lot of stories about local sea dwellers since about early June.

Heck, just this week alone, there's been a lot going on.

On Wednesday, I told you about the latest great white shark to be pinged off the New Jersey coast by the research group Ocearch.

And it was just earlier today that I shared video of yet another close encounter between a boat and a whale in our local waters.

This video, though, is considerably less warm and fuzzy as it purports to show a shark doing what sharks do, turning a dolphin into dinner.

I'll repeat the warning from the top - if you're sensitive to animal violence, you might want to skip this one.



According to the website TAPinto, the video was shot only feet from the beach in Long Beach Township on Thursday morning (July 16th).

If we're being honest, while a little shocking to actually see, it's just nature doing what nature does. Normally, though, those kinds of things happen away from the eyes (and camera lenses) of people.

Get caught up on all of the latest stories of what's been going on in the waters off the Garden State by clicking here and here.

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