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Ever since Mary Lee the great white shark became something of a local celebrity, with people following her travels in the Atlantic Ocean from the Jersey Shore, to the waters off the Florida coast, up to Maine, and just about everywhere in between, we've had a number of huge sharks frequent our neighborhood.

The scientists over at Ocearch have made it possible for us to play along at home as they track the big fish for thousands of miles.

The latest big beast to ping off of the Jersey Shore is a new one for us, a great white named Caroline.

And don't let the sweet name fool you, Caroline is a really big fish, tipping the scales at 1,348 pounds.

That's almost three quarters of a ton, everybody!

My colleague Lou Russo reports that Caroline was pinged in the Atlantic off the Seaside Heights coast two weeks ago, on July 1, 2020.

While Caroline isn't the longest, measuring at a relatively modest 12-feet 9-inches , she's one of the heavier "sub-adult" great white sharks that have been recorded off our coast in recent years.

Last fall, 15-foot long "Murdoch" was recorded off the Jersey coast, although he weighed in at a comparatively modest 1,325 pounds.

Petite "Miss May" (10' 2") also visited our nearby waters last October.not all that far off the coast between Beach Haven and Brigantine.

Of course, we probably all remember the mother of all great white shark spottings in the recent memory when a group of local fishermen encountered a ferocious fish in the waters off of Point Pleasant, complete with the jaw-dropping video to prove it.

You can play along at home and follow your favorite sharks over at the Ocearch website by clicking here.

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