It feels like 2020 has been the summer of whales here at the Jersey Shore.

In fact, the whale sightings go back a few weeks before summer 2020 began, when we saw some breathtaking drone photos of a humpback whale in the Manasquan waters in early June.

Since then, though, there haven't only been an unusual number of sightings, but a few harrowing encounters too, with a humpback capsizing a boat off the Seaside Park coast in early June.

There was also the whale that became beached in Spring Lake.

Lifeguards tried hard to save the Spring Lake whale but sadly weren't successful, with experts suggesting that it may have died of a brain disease that has been spotted more in recent years.

While we had word of mouth and a few photos of the aftermath from that incident, this week we're seeing video of another uncomfortably close meeting between a whale and a boat in the Jersey waters.

The video comes from the waters just off of Sea Isle and shows a whale surfacing right next to a small fishing vessel and shaking it up a little with a bump.

Take a look:

(Click here if the embedded video above isn't playing for you)

The Sea Isle whale vs. boat encounter could have definitely been worse, but you have to think that it was a bit of a heart stopping moment for the fisherman. Whales are beautiful and it's always cool to see them for yourself, but let's keep those to a distance.

You can read more about the numerous 2020 Jersey Shore whale encounters by clicking here for some of our previous coverage.

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