Come September, most high schools in New Jersey could get the green light to utilize video replay during all football games.

The man who represents New Jersey high school football on a national level has introduced a proposal to let states permit the practice during the regular season. This comes after two successful seasons of a trial run at select Garden State schools.

"We had about 120 replay games this year, and last year we had about 60," said Jack DuBois, assistant director of the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association and a member of the National Federation of High School Association football committee.

Under the trial run, coaches are permitted one challenge per half — to be used when they want to argue an official's call on the field during a scoring play or a turnover. Upon a challenge, officials view a tablet that has captured any of the pertinent camera angles.

"From the schools that use it, the response has been positive," DuBois said. "Sixty percent of the calls remain confirmed on the field."

New Jersey is one of a handful of states that permit the use of video replay during playoff football games. During the upcoming regional championships at Rutgers University and MetLife Stadium, video replay will be triggered by officials only, monitoring a feed from a remote booth.

The legislation introduced by DuBois gives individual states the option to adopt the process, but in those states that choose to implement it, replay would not be mandatory.

"It wouldn't be required of the schools. If they have the equipment and both schools agree, then that can be a replay game," Dubois said.

Replay games, he added, need officials who've been trained to handle the extra task.

Kevin Williams, of the Shore Sports Network, said he's not in a favor of a feature that would exist for some games and not for all. Putting out the funds to afford the necessary equipment may not be feasible for many schools.

"To me it's either used by everyone or not at all," Williams said.

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