Let's take a look at the Jersey Shore bridge that is stuck in the open position. The Route 71 (Shark River Bridge) in Monmouth County is currently "open" but is basically closed. The bridge is waiting for a part to complete a project and there is no word exactly when that will arrive and the work will be completed.


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According to App.com, "The transportation department is actively working to design a permanent repair as quickly as possible. The bridge will remain in the full-open position to allow all marine traffic to pass through until emergency repairs are complete."



The Route 71 (Shark River Bridge) between Avon-By-The-Sea and Belmar has had mechanical problems that have left the bridge down but it needed to be up to allow marine traffic to be able to pass through, so now it's stuck in the "open" position. This of course has closed the bridge to motorists. Officials are saying the repair won't be complete until parts that are needed arrive and there is no date scheduled for the delivery.




According to Nj.com, "Drivers won’t have to go to far to detour around the disabled drawbridge. Route 35 is nearby and has a higher bridge over the Shark River that allows marine traffic to underneath."


So for now you will have to use the Route 35 Bridge. "Motorists on northbound Route 71 from Belmar to Avon by the Sea will be directed to turn left onto Eighth Avenue, then right on Route 35 and over the Route 35/Shark River Bridge"


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