EWING — A day after a local man claimed he found maggots crawling around his sandwich, the company is refuting those claims about their new store.

In a statement, Wawa said there is "no evidence" to back up the claims made by Chris Garcia outside of his "single, unauthenticated video."

"In fact, we believe the circumstances described in the video are highly unlikely, if not impossible to occur in our store environment," the company said.

According to Wawa, after Garcia reported the maggots in his sandwich the company said it conducted a "robust internal investigation." The statement said "because we take each and every complaint seriously, we are putting this allegation through our detailed authentication and assessment process."

Wawa said there are several factors that would challenge the veracity of Garcia's claims. The statement said stores are inspected daily "to prevent incidents of this type from occurring." In addition, Wawa said there is a "rigorous internal and external inspection process at every step of our supply chain."

Despite the Ewing location being new Wawa said employees "go through comprehensive quality food service training," and that managers are certified in food safety.

"We hold ourselves to the highest standard of quality in the food that we serve and the conditions in which we serve it."

When told of Wawa's statement, Garcia said he wasn't surprised and that he stands by his statement "100 percent."

When he brought the sandwich to the Ewing location, Garcia said employees had tried to make light of the situation and gave him a refund for the price of the sandwich. After leaving the store, Garcia said his mother took him to the hospital to ensure the maggots had not caused any health issues.

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