We now have full week of October in the books for 2020, and considering the fact that it almost hit 80 degrees today in New Jersey (Wednesday, October 7th), it would be understandable if the bright colors of the annual fall foliage change wasn't on your mind just yet.

In fact, it actually made an impression on me this past weekend that I haven't really seen any indication that the annual colors were about to pop, but 2020 predictions suggest that the red, yellow, and orange explosion of color is just around the corner.

The excellent Tennessee focused tourism website SmokyMountains.com publishes an easy to use interactive map every year so that we can get an idea of when we can expect to see the yearly fall colors arrive.

While there's obviously not an exact date that you can make an appointment for as far as when trees will start to change and when they'll stop, the interactive map is both a great guide for an autumn road trip out of state and to offer a rough time frame for when we should get the cameras ready right here in the Garden State.

Check out the SmokyMountains.com interactive 2020 fall foliage prediction map right here, you can click on the dates at the bottom of the map to see how things are expected to progress this year:


Have you seen leaves starting to change colors in your neighborhood yet? Stop by our Facebook page by clicking here to let us know where and to share your best fall photos with us!

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