When I first wrote this article about heated dining I had maybe 5 restaurants on the list with outdoor heated dining in Ocean County. The emails came into me and WOW, I can't thank you enough for letting me know about all of these outdoor dining restaurants in Ocean County.

For the warmer states in the great USA, it's so much easier than here in the northeast. It's cold here especially when the sun goes down. With the cold now in the fall and winter is coming restaurants that relied on outdoor dining along with a 25% indoor limited capacity, have to come up with a way to stay in business and make money. Maybe this is the way to do it. Maybe a special tent, the igloos, and the heat lamps work.

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I went out to the Office Lounge in Toms River earlier this week and it was warm. But, when the sun went down, it got chilly. They have heat lamps in between each table outside and it sure warmed us up. I thought this is brilliant, and there are several restaurants already doing this. Several restaurants have those bubbles, like igloos, for just your family. But, my question after leaving the bubble or the igloo, do restaurants have to clean them each time a family leaves? How about separate tents for each family? That might get pricey for the owner?

I received the emails, here they are. I'm so happy to see these great restaurants in Ocean County offering heated outdoor dining:

Please let me know if you know more heated outdoor restaurants, email me sue.moll@townsquaremedia.com.
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