A construction schedule is expected this week for temporary repairs to the historic Glimmer Glass Bridge connecting Brielle and Manasquan, closed since being severely damaged by and overweight truck in August. 

Glimmer Glass Bridge (Monmouth County Public Information)
Glimmer Glass Bridge (Monmouth County Public Information)

"We have an estimated cost for temporary repairs in the range of two million dollars," said  Joseph Ettore, Monmouth County Engineer. "That is to ensure that we're able to restore the access of this critical structure to both residents and visitors to the Manasquan area."

The long-term goal is to completely replace the bridge, according to Ettore. "However, the type of structure and the funding source for the permanent bridge is still to be determined," he said.

The County has secured the necessary environmental permits through the cooperation of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the state's Historic Preservation Office Ettore said. "So, we are clear to commence construction. We are securing final cost estimates from contractors on an emergency procurement basis and hope to have a schedule for commencement."

The truck driver and company that caused the damage still has not been located and Ettore said Manasquan Police continue working on the case with the Monmouth County Sheriff's Office. The truck is believed to have been 10 times over the legal weight limit allowed on the deck, which resulted in the severe damage, according to Ettore.

Precautions to prevent this from happening in the future are underway. "We're evaluating several options. We will certainly, at a minimum, provide camera detection," Ettore said.

"We're hopeful that we'll receive state funding for the temporary replacement of the bridge deck and we have for some time now been pursuing the federal funds for the long-term replacement of the structure.

The bridge remains closed to vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle traffic, but is open to marine traffic. A detour along Route 71 to Main Street remains posted.