I love waterparks and I love AC and here is the perfect partnership coming to the Atlantic City boardwalk.

For years and years, we've heard how Atlantic City should be more family-friendly. Steel Pier is always so much fun with rides and games and their very own helicopter pad, but there's definitely room for more.

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For a while now, Atlantic City has been talking about opening up a waterpark, for families to enjoy one of my favorite spots in New Jersey.

sk901, ThinkStock
sk901, ThinkStock

Atlantic City is known for its casinos, restaurants, and of course the longest boardwalk in the world. Now this gigantic waterpark, it's going to be a lot of fun. And, we can't forget about the fabulous Atlantic City beach that is free and a New Jersey beach, I'll take it.

What makes this waterpark doubly amazing, it's an indoor waterpark. It will be used all seasons in the Garden State. This could really make Atlantic City a vacation destination for the whole family.

What's the latest update on the Showboat Resort's Island Waterpark?

It will be opening this summer. Expect the summer of 2023 to be amazing at that end of the boardwalk in Atlantic City. Construction is underway, according to onlyinyourstate.com, getting closer and closer to opening day.

The Showboat has go-karts, an arcade, and games and prizes. From the pictures I've been seeing, the wave pool looks amazing and the feel of a beach inside all winter here in New Jersey is just perfect.

As the website says, "Island life all year round".

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