When it happened once, I thought it was a fluke. So I went back two more times...and the same thing happened.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to try the the Chick-fil-A near Lowe's on Rt. 9. I don't usually eat fast food and certainly not inside a fast-food restaurant, since I have never been impressed with any McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger Kings, etc..

This particular Chick-fil-A was like stepping into another world. The place was beautifully clean on the inside, I was greeted with a smile, when my order was taken I was told that I could go sit down and it would be delivered to my table, my drink was poured for me, and someone stopped by my table to make sure everything was okay and to see if I needed anything.

This is fast food?!

On my way out I decided to go back up to the counter to order lunch to take to my boys, since the chicken sandwich was so delicious. After I placed my order, an employee noticed that I hadn't yet finished my own drink, and asked if they could refill it for me. Then they asked if they could carry my to-go bag out to the car for me. When I told them I thought I could carry it all myself, the manager still ran out from behind the counter to hold the door for me and say goodbye.

I thought...well this is weird. Who could possibly be this friendly at a fast food place in NJ?

So I went back the following week, and got the same wonderful, personalized treatment. As if they were really happy to see me (not knowing who I was) and serve me in any way possible to make me happy.

Then I got curious to see if the drive-through was just as happy, friendly, and had good service too.

Sure enough, even though there was a line, it moved quickly and...BEST PART OF ALL...there were TWO people working the drive-through, so I didn't have someone taking my money while talking to someone else on a headset and paying no attention to me.

My order was correct, they happily obliged me when I asked them to put each individual order in a separate bag so I could give each of my boys their own lunch, and they paid attention to me personally instead of me thinking they were talking to me when really they were talking into a headset to the next person in line whose order they were taking.

So let's get this straight: This is a fast food restaurant where you are greeted upon arrival and departure, a CLEAN restaurant, a place where you aren't handed an empty cup and have to walk over to a wet, sticky, do-it-yourself machine to pour your own drinks, a place that delivers your food to you and refills your drinks, and people going out of their way to smile, see how you are, and wanting to go the extra mile for you! Really? I didn't know this could exist in real life.


In fact, as I have been saying for years that fast food restaurants should offer their lunch and dinner menu for breakfast. Well guess what? You can get chicken for breakfast at Chick-fil-A!

(Some fast food places have done this in reverse by offering breakfast on their lunch/dinner menu...but I don't know of another fast food place that is offering chicken for breakfast.)

Disclaimer: I have been to the Chick-fil-A at Freehold Mall and don't really remember being wowed...perhaps because it's in a noisy, loud food court and is packed and I didn't sit down to eat there...so I can ONLY vouch for the wonderful Howell location and can't say if they are all as great.

Also, I admit I may be way late to this party, since Chick-Fil-A has been around for years and years and years in other parts of the country, and has even been in our area for some time now, but I am really happy to have found it.

One final thought...the special Chick-fil-A sauce is ridiculous! I was licking the inside of the little tub...I couldn't get enough of it, LOLOL!!!!

Do you love this place too?


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