It's the first day of November and we have warmer than normal temperatures.  And last night was quite mild for Halloween, wasn't it?  I remember my toes going numb at the Toms River Parades of the past.  Remember the ones where it's been soooo cold?  But not this year.  We've got a weird weather pattern going on.  And frankly, I'm loving it!

As I prepped the homefront for trick or treaters, it was nice to be outside without a jacket as I was pulling weeds and checking on the pathway lighting.

Autumn is my favorite season.  I generally love the cool crisp air of October and November.  But to have a couple of unseasonably warm days?  I'm not going to complain.  Are you?

Tonight my friends and I are meeting up for a movie and we're going to eat outside first.  Just because the weather will be nice.  We're trying to hold onto whatever bits of summer we can, I guess.  Do you have any plans for being outside during our mild spell?

Or are you someone who likes the weather to be in line with what it's supposed to be this time of year?

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