Game plan is defined as a strategy for achieving an objective and whether you’re going to war, starting a new business or coaching a football team you can’t be successful without one.

It is clear that in this country and throughout the world there was not a game plan for COVID-19 and what we’re now trying to do is adjust on the fly.

There’s a reason football coaches come into a game knowing what plays they will run on the first series or two. They’ve prepared for their opponent by watching game film and discovering weaknesses they can exploit by using their strengths.

They don’t wait until the whistle blows to develop that game plan. it’s something they have been working on all week. It’s called preparation and it’s what WE did not do against the coronavirus and are now paying the price for.

I’m not looking to make this into a political debate but again using football terminology it’s now halftime and we need to make adjustments. Like in a chaotic locker room we need more than anything else one voice to first calm us down and then lead us out of this mess.

Clearly we were not prepared for an opponent much stronger than we could have ever imagined but we have now seen enough of him to orchestrate a game plan that could result in victory.

The problem we have is that politics simply does not allow for everyone to come together and listen to that one voice even if their message is on target. Of course the other side is that the leader too often pits the offense against the defense so instead of team unity you have one that is divided.

In the history of sports there have been countless stories of coaches who at first could not get a team on the same page but there became a moment when all of sudden things began to click. The players realized then when everyone pushed in the same direction success followed and when all was said and done a championship was achieved.

Only time will tell if that happens here.


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