Shawn Michaels , Townsquare Media

On Labor Day we got a visit from our first ever "camouflage" critter ! The little green frog went from green to white when it was startled. The area below him was white so hence the "white" color . First time I ever saw a frog change color in our backyard.

Unlike humans whose melanin in skin cells is more or less fixed, frogs have the ability to camouflage themselves. Also, human change in skin color is triggered by an outer factor, usually sunlight. Frogs, however change their color at their own will as their mood or surroundings change as well - Frog World

Does anyone have an idea what kind of frog this might be?

It was small maybe an inch long at best .... Tree Frog ?

Are there any poisonous frogs in New Jersey ?

Very strange to see a living creature change color. Kinda like a science experiment in ur backyard !