To an adventurer, a scrape with nature that leads to a nighttime rescue in a national park is probably par for the course. It's like a gambler who enters a casino with $10,000, rides it up to a couple of hundred grand, then watches it dwindle back to $8,000 and says, "I lost a couple."

Grand Teton National Park

It might explain why a rough-and-tumble guy from Brick Township on a snowboarding trip in Wyoming would leave such a detail out of his conversations with his wife back home.

Joe Tauro, 55, is by all accounts a ready-for-action character. He and his pal, Mike Fasciolli, 36, of Toms River, lit out several days ago for Grand Teton National Park for some snowboarding escapades.

But reports from Jackson Hole say they took a wrong turn and lost their bearings for a while on Monday, finally reaching a road by around 9 PM and escorted out by park rangers. Minor crisis as it turns out, but one swift whiteout blizzard and it might have ended differently.

Janet tells us that Joe is always prepared. "He actually does have mountaineering experience," she says. "He's a high-adventure guy." He even knows that if you're lost in the snow, you build a snow cave for protection, and he knows how to build one.

Janet says her hubby's texts in the past few days were lively and fun, with no mention at all of their brush with nature. Which is why she was mystified when her phone started ringing this morning. Incessantly.

"It's been one call right after the other, asking if Joe's all right," she says. "I said, 'Yeah, he's fine, why?'" That's when she turned on WOBM and heard the tale of Joe and Mike in the great outdoors. "I had to call the newsroom," she roars, "to find out how my husband is!"

Janet sighs, relieved, and says the first thing she's going to do when she flies west to meet him is "give him a big hug and a kiss." And the second thing? "Then I'm gonna kill 'im!"

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