The World has come together in Qatar and the World Cup soccer championship is underway. Team USA is there and it's an exciting time for soccer fans, not only around the nation but with roots right here in Ocean County.



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First, let's get you up to date on Team USA. The men's soccer team is in Group B, competing with England, Wales, and Iran. Each group is four nations. So far Team USA has only played one game, a draw (tie) with Wales 1-1. Team USA will next play the always-tough Team England. USA vs England is Friday, November 25th at 2 pm. Team USA will finish group play with Iran on Tuesday, November 29th at 2 pm.


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Now back to our World Cup - Ocean County connection. I was recently watching a news report from Burlington County (Medford) and it featured a Dad of one of the players on Team USA that's in Qatar for the World Cup at first I didn't make the connection, but after my wife pointed it out, it turns out I went to high school with the proud papa.

You see, Brenden Aaronson (Midfielder) for Team USA is the son of Russell Aaronson, who I went to high school with here in Ocean County. We knew him as "Rusty" Aaronson and he played soccer for my high school Southern Regional in Stafford Township. "Rusty" himself was a good player and led our Ram team along with others like Ed Fraser, etc.

I remember the one class I had with "Rusty", Creative Writing with Mr. Germanasi. I can still see "Rusty", Bill Marone, and myself sitting in the back right side of the class trying to come up with "creative" stories and lol at some stories best left to your imagination lol

It was something to see "Rusty" who I have not seen in 39 years, talking about his son whose a part of Team USA. "Rusty" has another son Paxton who plays for the Philadelphia Union in the MLS and will be off to play in Germany in 2023. "Rusty" has a daughter Jaden who is a talented high school player currently, so it seems there's a bit of soccer in their blood lol. "Rusty" and his wife Janell will be seeing a lot of travel miles because, after World Cup, Brenden will rejoin his team Leeds United of the famed Premiere League in the UK.

"Rusty" spoke with Fox 29 in Philadelphia



Good luck to Brenden and Team USA at this year's World Cup


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