These sweethearts are just 4 months old and looking for their forever home.

Popcorn Park Rescue Zoo
Popcorn Park Rescue Zoo

This brother and sister must stay together. Clementine and Tangerine are an adorable sister/brother pair of about 4 months old that were found as strays with the rest of their family. Clementine, a female calico, is a playful little nutball that has lots of energy and is extremely outgoing while her brother, Tangerine (white and orange) is a little more on the reserved side, but he gets lots of courage from her. He loves people too and is playful and fun-loving, but he needs reassurance from his silly sister. Clementine will go zooming into him and bat at him until he lets his hair down and plays with her. These two are so incredibly sweet and loving, and they would be thrilled to be welcomed into a home where they get lots of love and attention, and where they can stay together forever.

Popcorn Park Rescue Zoo

1 Humane Way

Forked River, NJ

609-693-1900 - The Popcorn Park Zoo is OPEN, but the rescue is closed due to Covid-19, phone calls are being taken daily to come and meet your new family member. If you have another dog or cat in the family, bring them along with your visit. Bring the whole family when adopting your next pet.

Rescuing a cat or a dog is such an awesome feeling. We have three rescue dogs and they make everyday walking in that door enjoyable. Please consider adopted a pet that truly needs a good life and family to call their own.

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