So I stumbled across this "ugly" article by "Loved By Curls" which I've never read before. Their article is titled "19 Ugliest Cities in the US (According to Americans)". So I guess we have you to blame for picking 2 of the 19 ugliest cities from New Jersey.


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Newark, NJ
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Maybe this article could be called "Ugliest Urban in America". Is there any city that doesn't have an "ugly" section? Sort of comes with the territory. Cities are tough and with that comes the "ugly". Some might say the "ugly" side of town gives a city its character or does it show the section of a city that needs to be redone?


Camden, NJ
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According to "Loved By Curls", "Not every city was created equal, and, for some, it shows. An online user recently queried, “What, in your opinion, is the ugliest city in America?” So, if you’re searching for beautiful historic buildings, sleek skyscrapers, glittering waterways, and green parks, don’t choose one of these 19 cities!"


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If I asked you to pick two of the "ugliest" cities in New Jersey, which two pop into mind? Would Camden and Newark be the two you select? According to Loved By Curls, you would be right. They list Camden and Newark in the TOP 19 ugliest cities in America.


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According to Loved By Curls "I watched World War Z, and they cut to Newark. Everything was on fire, and all hell was breaking loose. I really think they captured Newark on a Tuesday afternoon perfectly.”


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"Loved By Curls," said this about Camden "Went there for the first time last month. I’ve been to a lot of cities and don’t get scared too easily, but holy hell. The entire city, even during the day, has that sketchy, uncomfortable feeling that a dark alley has at night. I don’t see the appeal of that place and will never return.”


Here is the entire list of the "ugliest" cities in America (In no particular order)

  1. Lubbock, Texas
  2. Gary, Indiana
  3. Newark, New Jersey
  4. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
  5. Memphis, Tennessee
  6. Camden, New Jersey
  7. Houston, Texas
  8. Bridgeport, Connecticut
  9. Austin, Texas
  10. Los Angeles, California
  11. Atlanta, Georgia
  12. Detroit, Michigan
  13. Federal Way, Washington
  14. Lowell, Massachusetts
  15. Chicago, Illinois
  16. Canton, Ohio
  17. Springfield, Massachusetts
  18. Wilmington, Delaware
  19. Buffalo, New York State


So what cities in New Jersey would you put on this list? Do you agree Newark and Camden belong on this list? After all, it was chosen by "Americans".


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